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What better match of author and subject than James Herriot, and the adorable felines that delight so many millions of pet fanciers around he world. This warm and joyful volume of stories collects some of the Yorkshire vet's favorite tales about one of his favorite animals -- each memoir as memorable and heartwarming as the last.

Kittens and cats of all kinds populate this program and, like their flesh-and-blood counterparts, they will purr their way into the hearts and minds of everyone who hears their stories. You'll meet cats of farmers, merchants and matrons; cats with definite social graces, and wild, untamed nature; and some cats who became a cherished part of the life of the Herriot family. you'll also meet some of the Herriot family. You'll also meet some of the wonderful people of Yorkshire -- cat owners and adoptees -- men and women whose lives were touched and changed forever by the love and affection of these fascinating, independent, caring creatures.

About the Author

James Herriot lived with his wife and family in Yorkshire, England, where his son has now taken over his veterinary practice. Among Herriot's international bestsellers are "All Creatures Great and Small "and "The Lord God Made Them All." He died in February 1995.

Christopher Timothy starred as James Herriot in "All Creatures Great and Small," the internationally renowned BBC television series based on Herriot's work. Mr. Timothy is a thirty-year veteran of stage, screen, and television.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781559273107
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Publication Date: September 1st, 1994