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Cherry Blossoms of Kyoto: A Seasonal Portfolio (Paperback)

Cherry Blossoms of Kyoto: A Seasonal Portfolio By Kodansha International (Editor), Hidehiko Mizuno (Photographs by), Kayu Mizuno (Photographs by), Yasutaka Ogawa (Photographs by) Cover Image
By Kodansha International (Editor), Hidehiko Mizuno (Photographs by), Kayu Mizuno (Photographs by), Yasutaka Ogawa (Photographs by)
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Each year, cherry trees, the symbol of springtime in Japan, burst into a riotous blaze of floral glory. The peak cherry-viewing season, however, is extremely short—from late March through early April—and the exquisite blossoms scatter without trace in little over a week. Despite, or perhaps because of, the fleeting nature of the spectacle, cherry blossoms have occupied a special place in the hearts of the Japanese since earliest times.

Cherry blossoms are seen as an ideal model for life and death, emblematic of both the glorious and ephemeral natures of human existence, dazzling during a short life before falling gracefully to the ground. For this reason, they have provided inspiration for poets, painters, artisans and many others over the centuries. Identifying in nature a sublime spirituality transcending external beauty, and elevating that spirituality to an art form lies at the core of Japanese culture. For over a millennium, the city of Kyoto has made this aesthetic sensibility its own.

This book, a companion to the recent Autumn Colors of Kyoto, features 48 outstanding cherry blossom-viewing locations photographed by three lifelong Kyotoites who have made it their mission to convey the beauty of their remarkable city.

A bilingual map section provides address information and contact details for each location.

About the Author

HIDEHIKO MIZUNO was born in 1968 in Kyoto. He is the coauthor with Kayu Mizuno and Yasutaka Ogawa of Autumn Colors of Kyoto from Kodansha International.

KAYU MIZUNO is a photographer and essayist born in 1969 in Kyoto. She is the winner of numerous awards at the Kyoto Contemporary Photographers' Exhibition, including the top prize. Ms. Mizuno is the Director of the Machiya Photo Museum.

YASUTAKA OGAWA was born 1975 in Kyoto. His photographs of Kyoto appear in various publications, mainly magazines.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781568365602
ISBN-10: 1568365608
Publisher: Kodansha International
Publication Date: October 24th, 2014
Pages: 104
Language: English