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New Tastes in Green Tea: A Novel Flavor for Familiar Drinks, Dishes, and Desserts (Paperback)

New Tastes in Green Tea: A Novel Flavor for Familiar Drinks, Dishes, and Desserts By Mutsuko Tokunaga, Jane Pettigrew (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Mutsuko Tokunaga, Jane Pettigrew (Foreword by)
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Green tea has gone mainstream, as more and more people in the West are discovering its exquisite taste and myriad health benefits. It’s quickly catching up to coffee as the beverage of choice, and is being served and sold everwhere from Starbucks to Wal*Mart.

In New Tastes in Green Tea – now available in paperback -- tea expert Mutsuko Tokunaga offers readers everything they need to know to fully appreciate the many pleasures of this age-old and revered drink. She covers all the basics, including types of Japanese green tea, utensils, tips for making the perfect cup, the history of green tea, health benefits, household uses for green tea, even classic green tea labels. Special attention is paid to matcha (finely-powdered green tea, traditionally used in the formal tea ceremony), with a separate section on how to make and drink it, and the etiquette of drinking matcha.

The wide variety of recipes for drinks, as well as for both savory and sweet dishes, will delight any cook who’s looking to expand his/her repertoire. Readers will learn to make such mouthwatering treats as Green Tea Latte, Sencha with Vodka and Lime, Matcha Coconut Drink, Green Tea Gnocchi, Green Tea Pilaf Rolls, Chicken with Vegetables and Matcha Sauce, Matcha Scones, and Matcha Tiramisu. Beautiful four-color photos throughout enhance the lively text and showcase the attractive presentation of the food.

About the Author

Mutsuko Tokunaga is a renowned Japanese food stylist and was Vice President of the World Green Tea Association. She appears regularly on radio and television in Japan and writes on cooking and tea for Japanese newspapers and magazines. New Tastes in Green Tea follows two previous publications in Japanese.

Jane Pettigrew is one of England’s leading authorities on tea, and the author of a number of classic books on the subject.

Praise For…

"New Tastes in Green Tea offers fresh ways to get the goodness of green tea." ?Natural Health Magazine

"In New Tastes in Green Tea, Mutsuko Tokunaga shows readers that the healthful tea’s grassy flavor works well in drinks, desserts and much more. The succinct and beautifully photographed volume includes a guide that explains the different types of green tea." ?Chicago Sun-Times

"Learning about the many methods of cooking tea is easier than you might think. Books offer basic instructions and tempting recipes, from simple tea-flavored infusions to complete tea dinners…Mutsuko Tokunaga stretches these boundaries in her new release New Tastes in Green Tea which includes a recipe for chiffon cake flavored with matcha and green tea-infused gnocchi." ?Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Whether readers are looking for palate-pleasing drink recipes or new and delicious food recipes, New Tastes in Green Tea is a must-have guide for anyone seeking to appreciate the versatility and elegant flavorings of one of the world’s healthiest beverages." ?Tea A Magazine

"Green tea has recently worked its way into the U.S. foodservice world’s flavor palate as perhaps no other recent entry has. If you want to get in on the action, check out New Tastes in Green Tea. The book provides a solid array of recipes that range from salads to smoothies to scones to salmon, while offering plenty of background information on green tea as both a drink and a flavor-enhancing ingredient. Reading this book is like entering a culinary world you didn’t know existed and discovering that you want to try everything they eat and drink there." ?Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

"Part cookbook, part guidebook, New Tastes in Green Tea includes recipes for everything from salmon-sencha pie to matcha tiramisu. This slim volume features artful photography and is packed with information…Perhaps it is only a matter of time before New York’s coffee emporiums offer matcha scones with their caramel macchiatos!" ?The New York Sun

"For those with some kitchen space, New Tastes in Green Tea is a handy little cookbook that explains how green tea is produced and served. Tokunaga also offers up a myriad of new ways to use green tea in food and drink…from a ‘Salty Dog’ to a latte, and for flavoring butter and rolls." ?New York Resident

"New Tastes in Green Tea is a magnificent cookbook, but it is more than that. It really gives you the sense of how important tea is to the Japanese culture. Even more importantly, it shows you how you can incorporate it into your own life and how you can reap all of the health benefits it provides." ?News-Sentinel (Lodi, CA)

"New Tastes in Green Tea is an original cookbook that ushers an underappreciated flavor into the kitchen as a beverage and a cooking ingredient….the taste of green tea will enliven the adventurous cook’s culinary repertoire." ?Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

"Masterfully illustrated, New Tastes in Green Tea includes an inspiring collection of recipes…Along with the amazing photography, this new book makes for a very edible work." ?Fresh Cup Magazine

"A unique compilation that will be deeply and enduringly appreciated by gourmets with an appreciation for culinary elegance, as well as family kitchen cooks with an interest in providing the beneficial properties of green tea to their loved ones."?Midwest Book Review

"These days, the many health benefits of green tea are well-known… now here’s a book to tell you why it’s so good for you, as well as everything you ever wanted to know about green tea. It’s all laid out with gorgeous photos and beautiful recipes that will send you directly to the kitchen." ?Asian Week

"The book not only delves deeply into timeless ways of using green tea leaves, but it also shares exciting and innovative drink and food recipes. . . . New Tastes in Green is an enjoyable book with surprising and useful information. Just reading it will make you a green tea expert!" – Chopsticks NY

Product Details
ISBN: 9781568365718
ISBN-10: 1568365713
Publisher: Kodansha USA
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2016
Pages: 128
Language: English