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How Does That Make You Feel?: True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch (Paperback)

How Does That Make You Feel?: True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch By Sherry Amatenstein Cover Image
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How Does That Make You Feel? obliterates the boundaries between the shrink and the one being shrunk with unabashedly candid writers breaking confidentiality and telling all about their experiences in therapy.

This revelatory, no-punches-pulled book brings to light both sides of the “relationship” between therapist and client—a bond that can feel pure and profound, even if it is, at times, illusory.

Contributors include an array of essayists, authors, TV/film writers and therapists, including Patti Davis, Beverly Donofrio, Royal Young, Molly Peacock, Susan Shapiro, Charlie Rubin, Estelle Erasmus, and Dennis Palumbo.

Full list of contributors:

Sherry Amatenstein

Laura Bogart

Martha Crawford

Patti Davis

Megan Devine

Beverly Donofrio

Janice Eidus

Estelle Erasmus

Juli Fraga

Nina Gaby

Mindy Greenstein

Jenine Holmes

Diane Josefowicz

Jean Kim

Amy Klein

Binnie Klein

Anna March

Allison McCarthy

Kurt Nemes

Dennis Palumbo

Molly Peacock

Pamela Rafalow Grossman

Charlie Rubin

Jonathan Schiff

Barbara Schoichet

Adam Sexton

Susan Shapiro

Beth Sloan

Eve Tate

Kate Walter

Priscilla Warner

Linda Yellin

Royal Young

Jessica Zucker

About the Author

Sherry Amatenstein is a therapist and the author of The Q&A Dating Book: Love Lessons from Bad Breakups and The Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-Saving Advice from America's Top 50+ Couples Therapists. Amatenstein is an adjunct writing professor at the New School and NYU, and a former editor at Hearst and Her writing has appeared in publications like Marie Claire, and she has offered relationship advice on Today, Early Show, HuffPost Live, NPR, and more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781580056243
ISBN-10: 1580056245
Publisher: Seal Press
Publication Date: September 13th, 2016
Pages: 320
Language: English