Mom's Book of Lists: 100 Practical Lists for Raising Your Kids (Hardcover)

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By Alice Wong (Editor)
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From the co-creator of the best-selling The Little Big Book for Moms comes another must-have for mothers: Mom's Book of Lists: 100 Practical Lists for Raising Your Kids. With 100 useful lists and checklists, this valuable resource will be the go-to book for every organized and efficient mom. The book will quickly answer the numerous questions in every mom's daily life. From the basic concerns of "is my baby eating or sleeping enough?" to the specifics of "how do I get ketchup off this shirt?" and "when is that molar coming in?" Mom's Book of Lists gives information at a glance. The book also contains numerous checklists to satisfy every family's needs, from items to pack in the diaper bag and supplies for the medicine cabinet, to what makes a well-stocked pantry or rainy-day activity box. Finally, there are the best-of-everything lists--the tried and true books, movies, music, toys, games, software, and websites--for every age group. All the research is done and at a mom's fingertips so she doesn't forget Scrabble, Lincoln Logs, or hopscotch, and learns about Kid Pix and Math Millie software.
Beautifully designed and illustrated with vintage children's illustrations from beloved artists such as Jessie Willcox Smith and Kate Greenaway, Mom's Book of Lists is a charming and practical gift for every new mom. It is an essential guide that is certain to become the most well-thumbed book in every family's home
Lists and Checklists Include:
pregnancy planner, pregnancy checklist, taking care of mom, baby supplies, baby milestones, baby-proofing 101, preventing accidents, first aid kit, cpr instructions, diaper bag contents, countdown to bedtime, amount of sleep guide, ways to avoid tantrums, essential parent books, potty training, tips for siblings, immunization schedule, when to call the doctor, medical resources, childhood fears, assigning chores, shoe size chart, clothing sizes, stain removal.

About the Author

ALICE WONG co-created, with Lena Tabori, the best-selling Little Big Book series, which has sold over 1.7 million copies. She co-edited many of the titles in this charming and popular series, including The Little Big Book for Moms and The Little Big Book for Grandmothers (Welcome Books). She is author of The Big Book of Me: My Baby Book, and co-edited The Goodnight Book for Moms and Little Ones. Alice has also produced exquisite photography and art books which include Canyon Wilderness of the Southwest, India: In Word and Image, and China: 3,000 Years in Art and Literature (Welcome Books). Alice currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband Clark and their three children, Chi Chi, 14, Sylvia 12, and Phoebe, 8.

Praise For…

"Covers both handy (packing a diaper bag, immunization schedule, shoe size chart) and fun (creating rainy-day activity box) topics.  Beautiful vintage-style illustrations."
- Scholastic Parent & Child (Best New Parenting Books, April 2011)

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ISBN: 9781599620978
ISBN-10: 1599620979
Publisher: Welcome Books
Publication Date: March 29th, 2011
Pages: 159
Language: English