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The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell & The Fate of the Artist (Hardcover)

The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell & The Fate of the Artist By Eddie Campbell Cover Image
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Eddie Campbell is not himself. But these days, who is? It’s meta-fictional mystery and mischief as the award-winning artist of From Hell sets out to find his own imposter.
Plus, on the flipside: a deluxe new presentation of The Fate of the Artist, Eddie Campbell’s classic work of graphic meta-memoir!

SIDE A: The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell, by Eddie Campbell, is a spiritual sequel to his acclaimed graphic novel The Fate of the Artist, in which the author was missing from his own autobiography. Many years later, during an endless Covid lockdown in which everybody wears a mask and needs a haircut, Eddie’s wife is certain that he has been supplanted by an imposter. She hires a detective, the square-jawed Royler Boom, to solve the mystery. What follows — interspersed with Campbell’s trademark wry anecdotes, dreams, parodic pastiches, and pandemic peccadilloes — is a thrilling investigation that builds to a car chase and a violent conclusion. The author cunningly passes this off as another piece of autobiography.

SIDE B: The Fate of the Artist: In an autobiography, the author and the subject are the same person… but now they’ve both gone missing. The Fate of the Artist is a complex weaving of different strains of invention including a mock prose detective story, an imaginary Sunday comic strip, a mock fumetti-style interview with the author's daughter, intertwined with Campbell's beloved brand of autobiographical comic storytelling. In this deluxe reissue of a groundbreaking book, the award-winning cartoonist of From Hell and Alec presents a complex, caustic, and fiendishly clever meditation on the lonely life of the artist and the busy life that swirls around him.

About the Author

Eddie Campbell has been making a living from comics since the 1980s. He is best known as the artist of From Hell (with Alan Moore), and made a splash with Bacchus, whose monthly comic ran for 60 issues. His semi-autobiographical concoctions however form his favorite strain of his own work. The former material was gathered in Alec: The Years Have Pants, all except the full color book The Fate of the Artist and the all-new The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell.

Praise For…

“Through a collage of early 1900s–style illustrations, blunt political cartoons, subtle slice-of-life moments, gallows humor, and a surreal crime story, Campbell wrestles with his own existential crisis as he attempts to uncover the truth behind his apparent doppelgänger. It’s an indelible pseudo-autobiography from a true master of comics storytelling.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Campbell merges memoir and hardboiled mystery to create a fascinating and revealing portrait of how world events impact an individual’s sense of self and creative drive." Library Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9781603095242
ISBN-10: 1603095241
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English