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This new novel by Marco Malvaldi marks the return of the investigative quartet nicknamed the "senile squad." At the Bar Lume, with the exception of the bartender Massimo and his assistant, the beautiful and kindly Tiziana, the youngest regular customer is Aldo, seventy-something owner of the Osteria Boccaccio. Then come his longtime friends, each one older than the former. Their principle, indeed their only activity is sitting around at the Bar Lume ostensibly playing cards but in reality analyzing, postulating, gossiping, and chronicling every event that occurs in their small Tuscan town, their talk laced with colorful tuscan slang and figures of speech. Massimo, all intuition but tending toward inaction, is obliged to investigate a homicide on behalf of his all-too-curious clientele and by Commissario Fusco of the local police. The old-timers provide a running commentary and play devil's advocate to any and all theories concerning the perpetrators of the crime. Their cunning at three-card monte has taught them how to see past appearances to the truth that lies behind.  An Italian Comedy, a beguiling Italian mystery, and a vivacious portrayal of small-town Italy all wrapped into one.

About the Author

Marco Malvaldi was born in Pisa in 1974. Three Card Monte is the second in the Bar Lume series, featuring Massimo the Barman and the four elderly sleuths. Malvadi is the winner of both the Isola d’Elba Award and the Castiglioncello Prize for his crime novels.

Praise For…

"Readers will see themselves reflected in this portrayal of the provinces, the small towns, those regular haunts that we visit every day—the same bar, the same cafe. Readers recognize themselves, and it's reassuring."—Andrea Camilleri

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ISBN: 9781609452056
ISBN-10: 1609452054
Publisher: Europa Editions
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: World Noir