Muerte Con Carne (Paperback)

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Marta and Felix were in a relationship that had its problems, yet Felix was bound and determined to solve them in his own way by proposing marriage. Marta however, known for her mood swings, had an agenda of her own. She explains to Felix her mission to prove and expose the way the Border Patrol mistreats immigrants they take into custody from Mexico and the treatment by La Migra which includes beatings and horrific imprisonments where even worse occurs. Felix sees an opportunity to prove his love and reluctantly agrees to follow Marta on her calling to allow both of them to be caught trying to cross the border. In a secluded area located among the border lives a dysfunctional and twisted family. The large household includes a demented mother, a family cook, a small troubled boy named Rogelio, and a man of great size and power called El Gigante who has been inspired by The Mexican Wrestling Federation to provide a distorted bloodthirsty form of entertainment for his clan. El Gigante steps into a homemade ring and battles his kidnapped opponents in a wrestling match to the death. Once the carnage is completed the remains of the adversary is then made into appetizing Mexican delicacies. As Marta and Felix begin their self-appointed journey they soon realize there is more than one kind of menace that awaits them at the border.
With his latest release, Shane McKenzie tackles the controversial subject of illegal immigration. However, it seems any issue he covers quickly becomes warped and morphs into an unstable nightmare that one cannot wake from. Combining the up close and personal migration of people from Mexico with a terrorizing family resembling the Texas Chainsaw Massacre brood, Shane introduces each vulgar character without kid gloves, and in a way of giving his readers that no-nonsense, guilty pleasure entertainment they desire. The expressive settings flow together nicely, but it's the tiny disturbing details that surround these ghastly scenes that will brand an imprint into the mind of the reader. This book includes a heavy, unsettling story line, unforgettable individuals that are both colorful and gruesome, the best author photo hands down, and an ending that will leave a long lasting delectable taste in one’s mouth that will surely result in wanting more.

— Mike, Albuquerque


""Shane, how do you sleep at night?""
-Jack Ketchum

""McKenzie's prose strikes like a sledge-hammer to the belly and a baseball bat to the crotch.""
-Edward Lee

Human flesh tacos, hardcore wrestling, and angry cannibal Mexicans...
Welcome to the Border

The no-man's land on the United States/Mexico border is the perfect place for getting away with any crime. With the right connections and with the right amount of money you can run drugs, smuggle people, commit murder, and do much worse.

Felix and Marta came to Mexico to film a documentary on illegal immigration. When Marta suddenly goes missing, Felix must find his lost love in the small border town. A dangerous place housing corrupt cops, borderline maniacs, drug gangs and something much worse... something to do with a strange Mexican food cart...

From Shane McKenzie, one of the most imaginative new voices in horror comes a south-of-the-border "Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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ISBN: 9781621050834
ISBN-10: 1621050831
Publisher: Deadite Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2013
Pages: 194
Language: English