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Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp: 35 Wellness Walks to Expand Awareness, Increase Vitality, and Reduce Stress (Paperback)

Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp: 35 Wellness Walks to Expand Awareness, Increase Vitality, and Reduce Stress By Glenn Berkenkamp Cover Image
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Over 35 mindful walking exercises for finding balance, building awareness, and reducing stress—from a wellness teacher and fitness expert

Glenn Berkenkamp invites us to discover how we sense, move, think, and feel in our bodies. By reframing the joys and opportunities presented to us by the act of walking, he shows us how to become reflective and inwardly directed, even as we take in the world around us.
With 35 different walks, and with the help of a “Which Walks to Do When” user guide, Glenn gives us options for every occasion and emotion. Feeling off-center? Try a centering walk. Feeling down? Lift your spirit with a gratitude walk or a prayer walk. There are walks for listening, grounding, and grieving, as well as rain walks, full moon walks, mindful dog walks, and more. He includes walks for all ability levels, including fun walks for children.
As we walk with Glenn, we settle, clarify, and balance our bodies, minds, and spirits—opening to new perspectives and possibilities we didn’t know were there.

About the Author

GLENN BERKENKAMP has explored and shared ultimate wellness and inspired living through the mind-body- spirit connection for a quarter century. His talks, workshops, and writings elevate our daily experience, unite us in something greater, and bring us to a larger awareness of who we are. From this space, the impossible often becomes possible; the ordinary, beautiful; and the miraculous, our home. A former bodybuilder and fitness expert, Glenn is a storyteller, screenwriter, transformational speaker, walk leader, and creator of the Writing Into The Now workshop. He is the author of Mastery: Living the Highest You and Would My Heart Think This Thought? As a screenwriter, he has collaborated with Academy Award-winning producers and earned the respect of A-list actors. He resides in Northern California.

Praise For…

"Mindfulness newcomers will enjoy Berkenkamp’s suggestions for stress reduction."
—Publishers Weekly

"Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp is more than an invitation to improved health and fitness—it invites awakening to the magic of stillness within movement as inner and outer worlds connect, step after mindful step."
—Kristine Morris, Foreword

"As a lifelong runner, I can’t say enough about Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp. It . . . had me looking at everything through new eyes, including how and why I run. I still prefer running, but my daily "walk through life" has taken on a whole new dimension. For this, I am grateful."
—Carmine Del Sordi, author of Welcome to the Big Leagues

"I heartily recommend using Glenn's book as a map and guide to find and walk your authentic road of life."
—Bernie Siegel, MD, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

“A perfect book for the times we live in. Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp guides us gently down a path of growing awareness—leading to more love, play, ease, and happiness.”
—Marci Shimoff, author of best seller Happy for No Reason

"Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp is a wonderful, potent companion for those on the health and well-being path."
—Bob Roth, author of Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation

"Step by step, Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp takes us deeper into our beingness in a way that has far-reaching, life-changing benefits."
—Risa F. Kaparo Ph.D, author of Awakening Somatic Intelligence
"You need to be aligned in order to achieve your goals, and Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp will help ensure that your mind, body, and spirit are all working together to manifest what you want in life."
—David Meltzer, author of Connected to Goodness
"Glenn Berkenkamp has assembled a framework that is accessible to a wide audience. As you read his book and take it all in, you will be thinking of the many friends and family that could benefit from the contents. Applying these walks to one's desire to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is a gift that will undoubtedly keep on giving."
—Howard Shapiro, Pacific Crest Trailside Reader

Product Details
ISBN: 9781623174736
ISBN-10: 1623174732
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: August 18th, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English