The Detainee (The Detainee Series #1) (Hardcover)

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This is book number 1 in the The Detainee Series series.

Staff Reviews

The foundation of this futuristic thriller begins with an island arrangement appropriately named "Island Rehabilitation Program," where unwanted troubled children, prostitutes, traffickers, and the forgotten elderly that seem to stop the progress of society, are sent as their permanent home. These people have become prisoners with no moral compass and are forced to live on an offensive pile of filth until the day they die. The only law and order kept on the island comes in the form of a man-made object installed by a democratically elected government, which makes up a small portion of the population. These authorities’ only solution arrives in the form of punishment satellites. These satellites rain down lasers that punish the guilty perpetrators committing crimes, from attempting to escape the isle, to violent beatings, or far worse. These are considered "Crimes Against the State." However these devices are not 100 percent reliable. Many times nights of heavy fog cause malfunction. This defect allows a group of dwellers known as Wastelords to rule and control the island by committing crimes of maiming and murder. This gang of berserkers consists of drug-fueled diseased kids who thrive on pain, fear, and torture. Determined to not only survive but to also make a difference, a small group composed of a blind woman, a bent old man with a stick, and a spent heavy intend to go down in history on the most dangerous place on earth.
Peter Liney writes his novel through a trio of loyal friends who inhabit small self-made lean-tos and sympathetically live day to day on the rubbished piled isolate. A captivating rich history is told by Liney describing the streamlined school system that causes the accelerated juvenile crime to exist. This places the reader directly between a kind of church vs. state struggle. A quick introduction to the distorted values and corrupt business become a main hurdle to overcome by our protagonists. The thrill ride really begins as a logical undertaking that requires the utmost bravery, skill, and intelligence is put forth into motion by our heroes. Understanding that the human race has sunk to an all-time low, and the inner struggle between politics and moral judgment exists, the novel’s plot becomes character driven and is guaranteed to whittle away at heart strings chapter by chapter until the explosive ending.

— Mike, Albuquerque


Peter Liney honed his strong narrative skills and attention to detail during his long career as a writer of German, Australian, British, and South African television and radio programs. In his debut novel, The Detainee, Liney has created a dystopian world in which the state has gone bust and can no longer support its weakest members.

The Island is a place of hopelessness. The Island is death. And it is to this place that all the elderly and infirm are shipped, the scapegoats for the collapse of society. There's no escape, not from the punishment satellites that deliver instant judgment for any crime--including escape attempts--and not from the demons that come on foggy nights, when the satellites are all but blind. But when one of the Island's inhabitants, the aging "Big Guy" Clancy, finds a network of tunnels beneath the waste, there is suddenly hope--for love, for escape, and for the chance to fight back.

About the Author

Peter Liney was born in Wiltshire but has spent a large part of his life overseas indulging in such diverse occupations as sewing-machine salesman, actor/model and stuntman--to name but a few. He has written sitcoms for ABC and Channel 4, and drama for the BBC and South African radio. The Detainee is his debut novel. He lives in London.

Praise For…

"if you want to read a novel with a dystopian look at ageism, an examination of an extreme example of a police state, and a dose of The Lord of the Flies blended into a unique vision of the future, this may be exactly what you've been looking for. Liney's characters and world manage to get under the reader's skin even when the exact details are a little off-putting."—FanBoy Comics

An "Big Spring Books" Pick

The book I'm most excited about this spring, and therefore my selection for the Big Spring Books Editors' Picks, is The Detainee, the debut novel by British author Peter Liney. From the moment I read the book's description months ago, I was antsy to get my hands on this one. And once I read the first page, I didn't put it down until I'd turned the last--literally.—Robin Greene, Amazon Editor

"The story takes you by surprise and never lets up."—Amy Phelps, Parkersberg News and Sentinel

"I always enjoy finding a good surprise read, especially debut novels. I've just finished The Detainee by Peter Liney, and I'm already anxious to read the next book in the series. If I had to place its theme and concept, it'd be a mix of Logan's Run with Lord of the Flies... with a hint of Battle Royale' s oppressiveness."—GeekDad

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ISBN: 9781623651084
ISBN-10: 1623651085
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: The Detainee Series