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Mostly Plant-Based: 100 Delicious Plant-Forward Recipes Using 10 Ingredients or Less (Paperback)

Mostly Plant-Based: 100 Delicious Plant-Forward Recipes Using 10 Ingredients or Less By Mia Syn Cover Image
By Mia Syn
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With 100 recipes and a 21-day meal plan, registered dietician Mia Syn helps you say goodbye to extreme dieting for life and unlock the secret to eating for health, longevity, and weight management
In her debut cookbook, Mostly Plant-Based, registered dietitian Mia Syn helps you effortlessly transition to a plant-forward way of eating. She shows you a realistic and sustainable way to reboot your health, lose weight, and feel your best without having to exclude all animal-based foods. 
Mostly Plant-Based features 100 recipes, all made with 10 ingredients or less, plus a 21-day meal plan to jump-start healthy eating. All of Mia’s recipes are accompanied by full-color photos, and most of them can be customized to exclude or include meat and dairy according to your preferences.

This book is complete with:
·      A guide to stocking a plant-forward kitchen
·      Easy-to-prepare recipes that call for no more than 10 accessible ingredients
·      A dietitian-developed 21-day meal plan with shopping lists
·      Useful charts and helpful hints to simplify cooking and help you get more veggies on your plate, such as Build an All-Day Energy Smoothie and Sheet Pan Meal Formula
·      Customizable recipes that offer flavor variations, such as Overnight Breakfast 12 Ways, Salad Jar 6 Ways, Adult Lunch Box 6 Ways, and White Bean Hummus 4 Ways
·      Recipes inspired by classic comfort foods with a plant-forward twist, such as Zucchini Noodle Lasagna, Cauliflower Potato Shepherd’s Pie, and Bean Blondies

With an evidence-based approach and appealing recipes for everyday meals, Mostly Plant-Based will help turn even the pickiest eaters into veggie lovers.
A plant-forward approach to eating does away with the extremes of traditional diets. Instead of ruling out entire food groups, it encourages eating more plant-based foods and fewer animal foods, putting vegetables, fruits, and whole grains at the center of your plate. You can still enjoy meat, eggs, and dairy with some meals, or even with every meal; the focus is on controlling portions of these foods so that they serve as enhancements rather than being the stars of the show. This flexibility makes it easy to adhere to and much more sustainable than other, more restrictive dietary approaches. With its proven track record for promoting weight loss, improving heart health, and bettering overall health, plant-forward eating sets you up for long-term success. Plant-forward is not an identity; it is a model for health that allows you to make informed food choices and tailor a nutritional plan to your lifestyle and your wellness goals.

About the Author

Mia Syn, MS, RDN, is a nationally recognized nutrition expert, Health Advisory Board Member at Forbes and Verywell, and founder of Nutrition By Mia. She has a master of science in human nutrition from Columbia University, has been featured by dozens of major media outlets, including Cosmopolitan and SHAPE, and was named one of the top registered dietitians to follow on Instagram by Women’s Health Magazine. Catch Mia sharing evidence-based nutrition tips and simple healthy recipes on national and local TV news and lifestyle programs across the country each week, including QVC, EXTRA, and The Doctors, on Instagram @nutritionbymia, and on her website,

Product Details
ISBN: 9781628604849
ISBN-10: 1628604840
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication Date: December 13th, 2022
Pages: 368
Language: English