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Deep ΔT, (Deep Delta T) is the name of the planet to which our main characters travel within this century. What they find there completely confounds not only the astronauts, but also the Consortium for Space Exploration, the global group that has sent them. Following both the astronauts and the 'Close Team' that supports them from Earth, the narrative widens the possibilities of real relationship with the Creator. Where are the gaps in our understanding of God's love? Our heroes, both on ΔT and on Earth, are inspired to re-define much of what they thought life was all about. Even though ΔT is hypothetical, readers may find themselves wanting to live there, in fact being willing to make the deep sacrifices that would be necessary to do so. There is something about this place that changes everything for our two astronauts, and presents a serious challenge to their support team on Earth. Nothing in all of the training and planning had prepared the Proxima Mission group for this. There is a message of hope and encouragement as the characters adjust to an unexpected turn of events. It will challenge readers to re-examine faith and the purposes of God. All of our characters find their constructs of the Creator woefully short of reality. Fully engaged readers will face the challenge of re-writing their world view, and be challenged by the question, "How much more vibrancy and life can be added to my heart-connection with God?" Dan Lemaire has spent most of his life self-employed as a carpenter, draftsman, pastor, and Marriage and Family Therapist. Now mostly retired, he is writing. Passionate about understanding, always digging for deeper meaning, he longs to influence people into greater freedom and wholeness. Having built several homes and having designed many homes, he brings that ability to move smoothly from concept to concrete, from hypothetical to substantial into the creation of a story line. As a pastor and therapist, he brings a depth that reaches into the hearts and minds of the readers.

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ISBN: 9781632216519
ISBN-10: 1632216515
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 9th, 2020
Pages: 284
Language: English