A Divine Revelation of Angels & Demons (Paperback)

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Angels of Light and Darkness

In A Divine Revelation of Angels, Mary Baxter describes dreams, visions, and revelations of angels that God has given her. Explore the fascinating dynamics of angelic beings, including their appearance, their assigned functions and roles, and how they operate, not only in the heavenly realms, but also in our lives here on earth. Discover the difference between good angels and bad angels (demons) and their activities so you can distinguish angels of light from angels of darkness. Learn how God's holy angels are magnificent beings who are His messengers and warriors sent to assist, sustain, protect, and deliver us through the power of Christ.

Many people wonder why they can't overcome sins and temptations, and why they experience recurring problems in their health, finances, and relationships. A Divine Revelation of Deliverance exposes these schemes of Satan. Through the Scriptures, visions of warfare, and personal encounters with evil spiritual forces, Mary K. Baxter has discovered powerful truths to help you overcome your fear of the enemy, recognize and conquer satanic traps, experience victory over sins and failures, be free from unexplained attacks, and intercede for the deliverance of others. This is a war that must be fought with the supernatural power and weapons of God.

About the Author

Mary K. Baxter is an international evangelist. In 1976, she received visions of hell and heaven, revelations of warning and of salvation that she has since recorded in her books. From her ministry based in Florida, she ministers around the world, and many miracles have occurred in her services. Mary Baxter's book A Divine Revelation of Hell has sold nearly 1.4 million copies. In addition to that work, her books published by Whitaker House include A Divine Revelation of Heaven, A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm, A Divine Revelation of Angels, A Divine Revelation of Spiritual Warfare, A Divine Revelation of Deliverance, A Divine Revelation of Healing, A Divine Revelation of Prayer, A Divine Revelation of the Powerful Blood of Jesus, and A Divine Revelation of Satan's Deceptions.

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ISBN: 9781641234061
ISBN-10: 1641234067
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication Date: August 25th, 2020
Pages: 352
Language: English