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Cells at Work! CODE BLACK 8 (Paperback)

Cells at Work! CODE BLACK 8 By Shigemitsu Harada, Issey Hatsuyoshiya (Illustrator), Akane Shimizu (Created by) Cover Image
By Shigemitsu Harada, Issey Hatsuyoshiya (Illustrator), Akane Shimizu (Created by)
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In this new spinoff of the hit manga, a newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something's wrong! Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs... It's hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK!

After a vicious battle, the body has finally subjugated ghastly cancer. But the damage has been done. Sensing weakness, bacteria and viruses attack the body. Distrust and confusion pit cells against one another. Can the body do what is necessary to create a healthy environment and avoid cancer’s recurrence? The grief and horror of Cells at Work: CODE BLACK reach their dramatic climax in this, the last volume of the series!

About the Author

Akane Shimizu is the creator of Cells at Work!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646512201
ISBN-10: 1646512200
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Language: English
Series: Cells at Work! Code Black