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You're Kidding, Right? (Paperback)

You're Kidding, Right? By Brad Goldfarb Cover Image
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"You're Kidding, Right? is written in clear language with a conversational and witty tone. Not only do you get a great, easy-to-understand education in all things investing, but you'll also remember it better thanks to the author's humorous quips and anecdotes" -Barbara Wilkov

"Brad Goldfarb shares the pitfalls in investing from his 35 years' experience as a financial advisor. The book is based on his actual experiences with his clients. Goldfarb shares the mystery behind behavioral finance and emotional investing, which describes the different emotional states typical investors go through during investing. He cites 30 quotes from his clients and gives his professional responses. The quotes clearly show that many people are investing in misconceptions. Wow, what a good book." -Tommy Wong

"Has to be the most useful finance book you'll read this year. It offers an angle most financial books don't, and that's humor. I like many things about this book. Goldfarb's ability to convey complex ideas in a simplistic form is appreciated. The tone is conversational and casual." -Tammy Ruggles

"Based on the real-life experiences of the author over more than three decades, the work focuses on helping investors avoid popular pitfalls. What results is a charming, friendly, and highly practical approach to investing. One of the things which I really enjoyed about this work was the balance between the advice of a clearly sage professional in the field and the tone and humor of a friend who can offer you insights you can trust." -K.C. Finn

"A book that takes an entirely different approach; instead of telling you what you should do, Goldfarb, for the most part, takes a 'what you should not do' approach. He balances the serious nature of investing in securities and the right amount of acerbic humor to keep a reader engaged. This is an excellent book with a lot to offer and I imagine many will feel the same." -Asher Syed

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646546558
ISBN-10: 1646546555
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2023
Pages: 228
Language: English