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To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts 12 (Paperback)

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts 12 By Maybe Cover Image
By Maybe
Not Available


Cain, convinced that Schaal would replace Elaine as the “holy virgin,” has taken Schaal and left Hank gravely injured… 

While in captivity, Schaal learns of Cain’s true motives.

Are they headed down a road of destruction…?

About the Author

MAYBE is a two-man cartooning team based out of Japan. According to reports both members were born in 1984, and they broke into the world of comics by debuing with indie publisher Okura Publishing in 2005. MAYBE would continue to work in the world of indie comics for a few years, eventually making a name for themselves with Wani Magazine's Comic Kairakuten.

In 2006 the pair broke through into the mainstream by getting picked up by beloved shonen publisher Akita Shoten (publishers of Black Jack). Starting in 2008 MAYBE moved into the realm of video game design creating characters and background art for video game producers RailSoft.

After nearly five years of journeymen work, the duo broke through with their first hit series Dusk Maiden of Amnesia by SquareEnix. The 10-volume horror series was an instant success and would inspire an animated TV series and radio dramas of the same name. Since then MAYBE has worked with major publishers - Kodansha and SquareEnix - focusing on Japan's revitalized fantasy genre to great success. Their other current title Tales of Wedding Rings is being published in the US by CrunchyRoll.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647290047
ISBN-10: 164729004X
Publisher: Vertical Comics
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English
Series: Sacred Beasts