Witchcraft Works 16 (Paperback)

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A fantasy and action-filled romance comedy...now at its climax!

The showdown between mother and daughter at the Kagari estate continues. Takamiya is brainwashed by Kayou, Kagari’s birth-mother, and his Firecraft power ends up in Kayou’s hands...! What will Kagari, faced with the greatest threat yet, do to get Takamiya back? Meanwhile, a face-off between the Chairwoman and the White Princess will determine the strongest witch in Tougetsu City!!

About the Author

Very little is known about Ryu Mizunagi but the author's birthday is March 23rd. Originally from Aichi, Mizunagi won the Kodansha Four Seasons Manga Award in 2004 with the pilot for Witchcraft Works. Mizunagi was able to continue the project through Kodansha Japan in 2006.

In 2015 Mizunagi debuted her second series for Kodansha Ltd. Japan.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647290054
ISBN-10: 1647290058
Publisher: Vertical Comics
Publication Date: July 26th, 2022
Pages: 186
Language: English
Series: Witchcraft Works