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Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur (paperback) (Paperback)

Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur (paperback) By Adam Tokunaga Cover Image
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SLOW SEX SECRETS is the key to attaining sexual nirvana. Now in paperback, this succinct manual by Master Masseur Adam Tokunaga—who’s conducted intimate research with more than a thousand women—has enlightened millions to the wonders of mind-blowing sex.
Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you’d like to think you’ve had good sex. Unfortunately for women, too many men regard sex as a sprint to the finish line of ejaculation. Learn about the plague of “junk sex” and how to avoid it; the essential role of time; the building of sexual ki or energy; and the Adam Touch, the amazing technique that drives women wild.
Whether you’re a woman who wants your partner to deliver unknown pleasures, or a man who wants to elicit squeals of delight from your partner, SLOW SEX SECRETS is a primer you should always keep by the bed.
ADAM TOKUNAGA received his massage license in L.A. in 1988 and returned to his native Japan to found the M&W Orgasm Research Institute. He set up the Adam Sex School in 2004. The author of numerous works, of which Slow Sex Secrets is the first to appear in English, Tokunaga is the most celebrated “sexpert” in Japan.

About the Author

Adam Tokunaga began his career as an illustrator, having attended the Nagoya University of Arts. From 1985 to 1992, he worked as an illustrator and writer--on everything from magazines to children's books--for publishing houses in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Japan.

In 1988, Tokunaga went to Los Angeles to obtain a license as a massage technician. Focusing on rehabilitation, he concentrated on deep tissue oil massage. He had various high profile clients, including directors, producers, and actors. Over time he discovered that women had immeasurable erogenous zones, and began studying those areas.

Tokunaga returned to Japan in 1991 and founded M&W Orgasm Center, where he started his research on a new technique for women to achieve higher levels of ecstasy. After fourteen years of research, he established his own unique theory and technique. In 2004, Adam's sex school was founded, where Tokunaga educated people about the human ideals of sex. He continues his research on what he calls "the female mechanisms", and gives medical guidance about the female body at the Sofia Lady's Clinic.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647293239
ISBN-10: 1647293235
Publisher: Vertical
Publication Date: December 26th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English