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Chasing Ghosts: A Tour of Our Fascination with Spirits and the Supernatural (Paperback)

Chasing Ghosts: A Tour of Our Fascination with Spirits and the Supernatural By Marc Hartzman Cover Image
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“A fantastic book.”—Ben Kissel, co-host of Last Podcast on the Left

Take a spirited tour through the supernatural history of America, from its haunted sites to its famous ghosts to its ghost-obsessed pop culture.

Ghosts are everywhere—whether you believe in them or not. Every town has its local legends, and countless books, movies, and TV shows are haunted by their presence. But our obsession with ghosts runs deeper than we know—and is embedded in the very fabric of American history.
Writer and historian Marc Hartzman takes readers on a fascinating journey through supernatural history, including:
   • The Fox Sisters and the rise of Spiritualism 
   • The supernatural obsessions of famous figures like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
   • Famous haunted sites like the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and the LaLaurie House in New Orleans
   • Famous ghosts like the Bell Witch of Tennessee and the Greenbrier Ghost of West Virginia
   • Paranormal investigators like Ed and Lorraine Warren  

Deeply researched and highly entertaining, with archival images and black and white illustrations, Chasing Ghosts will satisfy believers and skeptics alike.

About the Author

Marc Hartzman has been called "one of America's leading connoisseurs of the bizarre" ( and is the author of several books, including The Big Book of Mars, Chasing Ghosts, and We Are Not Alone. More of his love for the unusual can be found on his site

Praise For…

“A fascinating read for anyone who loves unique history or unsolved mysteries.”
Business Insider

“A fantastic book.”
—Ben Kissel, co-host of Last Podcast on the Left

“This fascinating and lavishly illustrated compendium pulls back the veil on some of the strangest moments in the paranormal.”
Cult of Weird

“The wonderfully researched book takes readers on a fascinating journey through pivotal moments in supernatural history.”

“Using humor, fun illustrations and interesting anecdotes that will appeal to readers of all ages, Hartzman makes the serious point that ghost stories say as much about the world of the living as they do about the dead.”

“An extraordinary, documented, inherently fascinating, and entertaining study.”
—Midwest Book Review

“No one loves America's spooky nooks and crannies more than Marc Hartzman, and Chasing Ghosts is a beautifully-surveyed roadmap to the shadowy detours and haunted highways of our fascination with the supernatural. If you care about ghosts - and you should - this is the guide you've been waiting for.”
—Grady Hendrix, New York Times bestselling author of The Final Girl Support Group

“Like a psychopomp on the river Styx, author Marc Hartzman transports us to the world of the spirits. Inside this delightful haunted history, dead celebrities write books, mediums levitate seventy feet above the ground, and a horse named ‘Lady Wonder’ predicts the future. Chasing Ghosts demonstrates just how deeply the supernatural is embedded in culture and makes a compelling case for those who don’t take ghosts literally to consider them seriously.”
Shannon Taggart, author of Séance

“If you're looking for a good book on the subject [of ghosts] that's comprehensive but not crushingly's great...It allows you to draw your own conclusions. Believers and skeptics alike I think would really really enjoy this book. I'm certainly glad I spent time with it.”
—John Goforth, co-host of Hysteria 51

“A perfect guide that takes you through much of the unknown and fascinating world of Ghosts. As someone who has produced many hours of paranormal programming for many years, I highly recommend reading this entertaining and informational guide.”
—Michael Yudin, executive producer of Ghost Adventures and president of MY Entertainment

Product Details
ISBN: 9781683692775
ISBN-10: 1683692772
Publisher: Quirk Books
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English