Planet Mission: Part I (Paperback)

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No mission for the Administration was easy, but Director Waters was confident that his team of five missionaries would succeed. They had the perfect combination of experience and passion for the Administration. Except for Molly. She was new to the team. The Administration itself had placed her there just days earlier, a political appointment which elevated the mission in the eyes of the public and those in charge back on Earth. Director Waters did not agree with her selection, but her recent celebrity status certainly couldn't hurt the mission.

Their mission to seek out the colonists on the fourth moon of Polus IV and convince them to join the Administration had to succeed. Fulfilling the mission would mean honor, glory, and privilege for the missionaries; failure was unthinkable.

But the mission proved to be more challenging than anticipated. Convincing the intractable colonists of their need for the Administration was more difficult than the missionaries could have imagined. Even Polus IV itself resisted their efforts. As they learned more about the strange and wonderful world-from mysterious plants to sociable wildlife-the true nature of the world, the missionaries, and the Administration would be revealed.

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ISBN: 9781736997116
ISBN-10: 1736997114
Publisher: Crown Upside Down LLC
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2021
Pages: 324
Language: English