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Bring back happy memories of your holidays by using paper and knife to create uplifting, joyful landscape scenes from the coast to the countryside.

Papercutting is a perfect craft for beginners, as you can achieve amazing results with the most basic of materials - a pencil, eraser, craft knife or scalpel, a piece of paper and a cutting surface.

Sarah's art encapsulates the beauty of the English countryside, particularly the towns and villages around the Kent coast where she lives. Her use of fresh, vibrant colours and delightful compositions evoke memories of happy times, and expert papercrafters as well as those new to papercutting will find the charming, naïve style of Sarah's work irresistible.

Sarah's down-to-earth approach to her art makes it enjoyable and accessible to all. In the book she includes sections on choosing your materials and colours, and there is step-by-step guidance through all the basic techniques you need before embarking on the twelve gorgeous projects on the seaside, town life, the wilderness, and more.

About the Author

Sarah King is a paper cutting artist from the UK whose unusual style of working with layers of colored paper and card has led to her pieces being shown and sold at exhibitions and galleries across the UK and from her online outlet, Apple Seed Paper Cuts. A self-taught artist, Sarah has developed her paper landscapes over the last five years, evolving from single-colour silhouette cuts to the full colour pieces you see today.

Sarah is a member of the Association of British Naïve Artists and the Guild of American Papercutters.

Praise For…

From All Things Paper,  Feb 4, 2019

With a short list of supplies - pencil, eraser, craft knife or scalpel, a piece of paper and a cutting surface - plus the templates provided in the book and a certain amount of practice - even beginners will be able to create enchanting scenes just like Sarah's.

Perhaps you remember artist Sarah King's papercut landscape scenes... colorful and unique, they're hard to forget! Would you like to create paper cuttings that are equally memorable? Sarah is a natural born teacher and thoroughly explains the process of creating a drawing, transferring it to card stock, carefully cutting the outline and filling it with layers of colorful card. There are a dozen landscape templates that take you from coast to countryside, and mounting, framing and displaying tips are included too. With new skills in place, you'll be able to go on to draw and cut your own delightful designs.

Ann Martin, All Things Paper

Looking to expand your horizons, but tight on space? This book is all about making on the micro-level. "Papercut Landscapes" is a guide on how to take your favorite geographies and turn them into unique pieces of artwork.- Martha Stewart's Blog '9 Crafty Books We're Reading in 2019'

Handmade by Deb Feb 2021

Turn your favorite land and seascapes into original artwork! In Papercut Landscapes self-taught paper cutting expert Sarah King shares how she creates her delightful hand-cut paper art. She developed her unique style while looking for a way to make affordable art for her home. Her lively designs capture scenes of the British coast and countryside in textured paper and card. From simple sketch to paper cutting and layering, she guides you step-by-step through all techniques. Use basic materials such as a pencil, eraser, craft knife or scalpel, a piece of paper and a cutting surface. Her tool of choice is a swivel-headed craft knife. Start with the smaller warm-up exercises. If it's your first time using a craft knife, you'll need to practice. Abundant visuals grab the reader's attention and make for good, clear instruction. Work your way through 9 gorgeous projects that come with full size templates - just photocopy. 

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ISBN: 9781782215660
ISBN-10: 1782215662
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Pages: 128
Language: English