A Truly Global NATO: How to Abolish War and Nuclear Weapons (Hardcover)

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The discipline of International Relations was invented to solve the problem of war. However, so far, no really encompassing solutions have been found. The solutions that were proposed centered around the establishment of the United Nations and the spread of democratization and globalization. But war continues.

Cornelia Beyer believes she has found a missing piece in the peace puzzle: the militaries are not integrated. Integrating the militaries would be an additional solution to abolish war between states completely and also to abolish nuclear weapons. This solution involves integrating the militaries into one common global alliance, one truly global NATO. Within NATO, war is abolished. Globalising NATO is a historically new thought. Interestingly, all peace proposals in history centre around political or legal integration, but none promoted military integration so far.

If all militaries would unite, this would mean an end to war between states. Beyer convinces in this book that military integration into one global NATO could abolish war and help with the abolition of nuclear weapons. She also promotes a global welfare state, financed through taxation on arms races, and an early warning system for war, based on international depression data, for tackling civil wars.

About the Author

Anna Cornelia Beyer served as Senior Lecturer at the University of Hull, UK, where she researched on Security, International Relations and Psychology. She has authored seven books and 33 articles.

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