Don't Tell Me the Truth about Love (Paperback)

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Funny, tender, quirky, vulnerable, and exquisitely readable, Don’t Tell Me the Truth About Love in seven virtuoso stories explores contemporary relationships with wicked finesse and humor perfect for your left-of-center Valentine. Rhodes one of Granta’s Twenty Best Young British Novelists writes some of the world’s most idiosyncratically charming, achingly honest stories. In the territory of love, relationships, and sex he has a remarkable skill for poking fun at our rhapsodic moments of longing and heartbreak.
A chance encounter prompts an aging professor to regret a lifetime of wasted opportunities; a beautiful wife tests her husband by making herself hideous; for the love of a girl, a boy turns himself into a violoncello; a man encounters a staggeringly lovely woman in a landfill and returns there constantly. . . . Funny, magical, effete, and strange, in these seven short stories Dan Rhodes lays bare the pain and enchantment of love.

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ISBN: 9781841957388
ISBN-10: 1841957380
Publisher: Canongate Us
Publication Date: January 4th, 2006
Pages: 191
Language: English