The Fifth of March Lib/E: A Story of the Boston Massacre (Compact Disc)

The Fifth of March Lib/E: A Story of the Boston Massacre Cover Image
By Ann Rinaldi, Melissa Hughes (Read by)
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Fourteen-year-old Rachel Marsh is nanny to John and Abigail Adams' children and witnesses firsthand how tension builds in the feisty New England town in the two years before it erupts into the Boston Massacre. Friends become foes and families divide as British troops arrive in 1768 to force the outspoken Bostonians to toe the line and obey the British government.

But the idea of liberty and self-government has taken hold, and once considered, cannot now be set aside. At the same time, Rachel begins to take stock of her own life and future, and learns that to live life to its fullest and with integrity, one must seek the truth for oneself and take a stand.

Ann Rinaldi, a master at making history come alive, creates an exciting front-row seat for the listener as she uses the voice of young Rachel Marsh to underscore that American liberty was not easily won, but at great cost to those who would not let their dreams die.

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ISBN: 9781883332983
ISBN-10: 1883332982
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: April 30th, 2010
Language: English