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Set in a lethal American professional football league seven centuries in the future, THE MVP puts huge humans on the field with five alien races to make a game that is faster, stronger and deadlier than anything we know today. The fourth book in the Galactic Football League series, THE MVP follows on THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO.

Star quarterback Quentin Barnes has spent three seasons putting together a hard-hitting, hard-fighting team that combines all-stars, rejects, young players and seasoned veterans from all five races. He has fought against racism and bound his team together through shared sacrifice, blood, tragedy and victory. But this season Quentin faces the biggest challenge yet -- the deadly threat of the Prawatt race, which has captured him and the rest of his Ionath Krakens teammates. Quentin and his friends must overcome impossible odds to escape this deadline and unknown race.

The GFL series is described as "STAR WARS" meets "THE BLINDSIDE" meets "THE GODFATHER." Join the Krakens as they fight to take the title and achieve immortality.

About the Author

New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler is the author of NOCTURNAL, ANCESTOR, INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, hardcover thrillers from Crown Publishing; and the co-founder of Dark Overlord Media, which publishes his Galactic Football League series (THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER, THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP).

Before he was published, Scott built a large online following by giving away his self-recorded audiobooks as free, serialized podcasts. His loyal fans, who named themselves "Junkies," have downloaded over eight million individual episodes of his stories and interact daily with Scott and each other in the social media space.

Scott reinvented book publishing when he released EARTHCORE as the world's first "podcast-only" novel. Released in twenty weekly episodes, EARTHCORE harkened back to the days of serialized radio fiction. His innovative use of technology puts him at the forefront of modern-day publishing and has garnered brand-name exposure among hundreds of thousands of fiction fans and technology buffs.

He's been covered in Time Magazine, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Entertainment Weekly, Publisher's Weekly, The Huffington Post, Business Week and Fangoria. He still records his own audiobooks and gives away every story - for free - to his Junkies at

A Michigan native, Scott lives in San Francisco with his wife and dog."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781938120282
Publisher: Dark Overlord Paperback
Publication Date: December 1st, 2012
Pages: 400