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Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN 9: Lalah (Gundam Wing #9) (Hardcover)

Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN 9: Lalah (Gundam Wing #9) By Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Cover Image
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The biggest name in Japanese science fiction—Gundam—returns with one of its creators retelling its origins 25 years after the series debuted. Caught in the crossfire of a space civil war, teenager Amuro Ray accidentally finds a new mobile weapon—the RX-78 Gundam.

In the ninth volume of Gundam: THE ORIGIN, the Earth Federation's White Base has now returned to space and is on the offensive. After long being chased around the solar system and across the Earth, they are on the hunt for what remains of the Zeon military establishment. Much has changed over the many weeks since the crew of the White Base fled to Jaburo with a prototype Mobile Suit on board, but now they have knowledge of who and what is awaiting them around the moon.

About the Author

Hokkaido native Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (1947-) is a Japanese animator and manga artist. His career as a character designer has spanned over four decades, creating famed characters for such anime as Super Atragon, Brace Raideen, and the widely known Mobile Suit Gundam. Considered a pivotal player in mecha and sci-fi anime, Yasuhiko's characters, stories and illustrations are unmistakable in their style and serve as timeless examples as pioneers of manga and animation in Japan.

Yasuhiko began his career as an animator in Osama Tezuka's Mushi Productions, and later on decided to go freelance to work for a number of animation productions for both film and television. In the late 70's, Yasuhiko would turn his attention to the world of comics, as he has since penned nearly two dozen titles since.

In 1981 he was awarded the Nebula Award by the Japanese Sci-Fi Association.
In 1990 his work Namuji won the Japan Comic Artist Association Grand Prize
And in 2000 he took the Japan Media Arts Award for Best Comic with his title A Revolutionary Dog.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781941220153
ISBN-10: 1941220150
Publisher: Vertical Comics
Publication Date: April 28th, 2015
Pages: 420
Language: English
Series: Gundam Wing