An American Farmer: A Glimpse into America's Heritage (Hardcover)

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Marrying into a family of multi-generation farmers, this is a story that depicts the simple pleasures gleaned from learning to love the land and building a life centered around it.  An America Farmer is a charming reflection that elicits warmth and emotion through poetry paired with lovely photography. Leading us on a journey that at times may be harrowing, full of sacrifice or toil, what emerges is a renewed sense of appreciation for our country’s heritage. Emerge yourself for a moment or two in this celebration of a life that was, is, and remains today uniquely American.

About the Author

Farming is in Sue Ikerd’s blood. Born and raised in Missouri, Sue has lived on farms almost her entire life—from her childhood family farm on the outskirts of town to the river bottom one where she and her husband brought up their children. Her first poem, “The Farmer,” was a tribute to her husband, Dan, with whom she recently celebrated fifty years of marriage. When not writing, Sue enjoys spending time with her family and studying genealogy. Read more of Sue’s work online at

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ISBN: 9781944833299
ISBN-10: 1944833293
Publisher: KPT Publishing
Publication Date: February 27th, 2018
Pages: 64
Language: English