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Creativity and Gratitude: Exercises and Inspiration for a Year of Art, Hope, and Healing (Paperback)

Creativity and Gratitude: Exercises and Inspiration for a Year of Art, Hope, and Healing By Amy Oestreicher Cover Image
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Embrace your journey. Share your story. Unlock the power of creativity with a year's worth of artistic prompts.

Sometimes life takes a detour. No matter how much we plan, we encounter bumps in the road that can be frustrating, confusing, and unpredictable. Whether it's our health, stress at work or home, or current events, we all contend with challenging moments and the occasional curveball. When Amy Oestreicher faced her own detours--including twenty-seven surgeries over ten years and PTSD--she harnessed the power of art to make sense of her shifting roadmap and learned that even when we face the unexpected, we can create something more beautiful than ever imagined. In this hands-on activity book, flush with examples of Amy's original artwork, encouraging tips, and fifty-two prompts--one for every week of the year--she gives you the tools you need to release your creative energy, and unleash the artist within.

Through sections on hope, gratitude, creativity, and storytelling, you will:

  • Embrace creativity as a mindset and learn to look at the world through a creative lens
  • Challenge old ways of thinking and redirect negativity into creative growth
  • Draw, sing, write, collage, paint, and dance your feelings
  • Hone the life-changing art of gratitude lists
  • Find magic in everyday objects
  • Encounter your surroundings with a renewed sense of wonder
  • Learn the four keys to resilience

Whether you are a seasoned artist or novice doodler, working to overcome tragedies or reshape the way you manage everyday stress, this workbook will inspire you to engage a creative mindset that allows you to embrace your journey, share your story, and harness the power of positivity.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781948062688
ISBN-10: 1948062682
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English