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The Authority Advantage: Building Thought Leadership Focused on Impact Not Ego (Hardcover)

The Authority Advantage: Building Thought Leadership Focused on Impact Not Ego By Adam Witty, Rusty Shelton Cover Image
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As a thought leader, industry expert or business professional, you are driven to make the biggest possible impact in your field.

But before you can reach an audience, you must earn their trust.

Unfortunately, far too many leaders rely on their corporate brand to connect with their target audience, an outdated approach that no longer works with trust in institutions at an all-time low.

The good news for leaders who understand this new reality is that although your target audience may hesitate to connect with your corporate brand, they are actively looking to connect with YOU - if you can create an Authority Advantage by positioning yourself as a mission-driven thought leader with something to teach, rather than a professional with something to sell.

Are you positioned for this new leadership landscape?

The Authority Advantage gives you the step-by-step blueprint to build thought leadership focused on impact, not ego to accelerate trust within an increasingly skeptical market.

Within these pages, you'll discover the proven tactics for establishing a strong leadership brand before you meet a potential team member or prospect; how to create leverage via "Authority by Association" to accelerate trust; learn how to create compelling content in all formats; how to use books, speaking engagements and publicity as tools for impact, prestige and profitability; and most importantly, how to create your own MAP (Master Authority Plan) to put all these elements into a top-to-bottom strategy that builds authentic connections. You'll also hear from recognized thought leaders who reveal what methodologies helped them write their own success stories.

The Authority Advantage breaks through outdated concepts and superficial personal branding tips to provide an actionable blueprint for real leaders who want to build meaningful thought leadership in today's landscape. In short, it's a book you can't afford not to read.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781955884860
ISBN-10: 1955884862
Publisher: Forbesbooks
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 245
Language: English