Anticipating Education: Concepts for Imagining Pedagogy with Psychoanalysis (Paperback)

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Anticipating Education is an interdisciplinary collection of Britzman's previously published and unpublished papers that examines the dilemmas created by anticipating education, provoked when teachers, students, and professors encounter the unknown while trying to know emotional situations affecting their waiting, wanting, and wishing for teaching and learning. Anticipation has a particular flavor in scenes of education and not only since schooling presents again the mise-en-sc ne of childhood; anticipation also signifies the estranged temporality of anxiety, phantasies, and defense that compose and decompose hopes for transforming knowledge, sociality, and subjectivity in group life.

This book is composed of Britzman's well regarded and highly cited conceptual contributions to thinking broadly on topics of intersubjectivity and pedagogy at the university and schools; the reception of difficult knowledge as unresolved social conflicts in pedagogical thought; and the significance of psychoanalysis with pedagogy. Four themes address the anxieties of teaching and learning: phantasies of education; difficult knowledge; transforming subjects; and, psychoanalysis with education.

Anticipating Education is required reading for every newly-minted faculty member. The wisdom provided in this volume will prove to be invaluable to your future career.

Perfect for courses such as: Foundations of Education - Theories of Teaching and Learning - Special Topics - Advanced Curriculum Theory - Philosophy of Education - Social Thought and Education - Studies of Language, Culture and Teaching - Child and Adolescent Development.

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ISBN: 9781975504311
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Publication Date: March 8th, 2021
Pages: 275
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