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The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors (Hardcover)

The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors By Charles Krauthammer, Daniel Krauthammer (Editor) Cover Image
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A powerful collection of the influential columnist’s most important works—featuring rare speeches and a major new essay about today’s populist movements and the future of global democracy

“Charles will be remembered as one of the greatest public intellects of his generation.”—John McCain

In his decades of work as America’s preeminent political commentator, whether writing about statecraft and foreign policy or reflecting on more esoteric topics such as baseball, spaceflight and medical ethics, Charles Krauthammer elevated the opinion column to a form of art.
This collection features the columns, speeches and unpublished writings that showcase the best of his original thought and his last, enduring words on the state of American politics, the nature of liberal democracy and the course of world history. The book also includes a deeply personal section offering insight into Krauthammer’s beliefs about what mattered most to him: friendship, family and the principles he lived by.
The Point of It All is a timely demonstration of what made Charles Krauthammer the most celebrated American columnist and political thinker of his generation, a revealing look at the man behind the words and a lasting testament to his belief that anyone with an open and honest mind can grapple deeply with the most urgent questions in politics and in life.

About the Author

Charles Krauthammer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, was a syndicated columnist, political commentator, physician and bestselling author. His Washington Post column ran weekly for 33 years and was syndicated in more than 400 newspapers worldwide. For over a decade he was a nightly panelist on Fox News’ flagship evening-news broadcast Special Report. He served as a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics and he was a member of Chess Journalists of America. Along with his wife Robyn, he cofounded Pro Musica Hebraica. He died on June 21, 2018.
Daniel Krauthammer’s writing has appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review and The New Republic. He holds degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford in political science, economics and business administration, and has worked in government as well as in the entertainment and technology sectors. He spent the last year of his father’s life close by his side in the hospital, where together they worked toward completing this book.

Praise For…

“For decades, Charles’ words have strengthened our democracy. His work was far-reaching and influential - and…his ideas and values will always be a part of our country.” —George W. Bush

“Charles will be remembered as one of the greatest public intellects of his generation. A true renaissance man, there was no topic too complex for Charles to probe; no party or politician too powerful to challenge…I’m confident his words will continue to inspire all of us to live bravely and think boldly.” —John McCain
“Charles wrote for the right reasons. … To provoke us to think, to enlarge our understanding, at times to make us laugh. Like few others, he succeeded, week after week, Friday after Friday, year after year… he wrote a column of breathtaking range and intelligence and integrity.” The Washington Post

"A giant, a man who not only defended our civilization but represented what's best in it." —National Review

“A voice of reason and a powerful intellect in Democracy’s cause.” —Condoleezza Rice
“There are people you meet throughout your life that you just know will leave an impact forever. Charles Krauthammer was one of those people. His words and his knowledge and his eloquence on the issues of the day were unsurpassed. He could cut through the noise. He could get to the point better than anybody.” —Bret Baier

“The Point of It All is very wide-ranging, a true Krauthammer sampler. This is Krauthammer in full, or very nearly so. It is a book that says, 'This is what he believed. This is who he was.' As such, it is invaluable.” —Jay Nordlinger

Product Details
ISBN: 9781984825483
ISBN-10: 1984825488
Publisher: Forum Books
Publication Date: December 4th, 2018
Pages: 400
Language: English