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The Parachute Paradox: On Love, Liberation and Imagination. A Memoir From Palestine (Hardcover)

The Parachute Paradox: On Love, Liberation and Imagination. A Memoir From Palestine By Steve Sabella Cover Image
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The Parachute Paradox tells the inspiring life story of the renowned award-winning artist and writer Steve Sabella, born under Israeli Occupation in Jerusalem and now living in Berlin. "The Parachute Paradox offers narrative storytelling of the life of the Jerusalemite artist and his experiences under Israeli Occupation. It proposes a subject that is unprecedented in Palestinian literature: the liberation of the self and the homeland through the liberation of the imagination."

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, London

"Steve Sabella takes the entire world for an imagination within the imagination-in alliance with 13th century mystics who develop this vision in order to develop their characteristic poetry and art."

Almut Bruckstein, House of Taswir, Berlin

The number of books about Israel and Palestine published every year can feel oppressive to the average reader. On rare occasions, an original narrative of the conflict, imbued with honesty and sensitivity, is published.

Joseph Dana, The National, UAE

Perhaps the fact that the author is an accomplished artist and photographer explains the volume's elegant appearance. We later discover a young man whose freedom does not exist except as an expression of his art and as an endless love for the girl of his dreams.

Eric Hoffer Award winner announcement on The US Review of Books

The Parachute Paradox is perhaps the most impressive book I have ever read on the Palestinian-Jewish conflict. A good book to read and to go through gently, piece by piece.

Moors Magazine, The Netherlands

Thrilling, challenging, inspiring, thoughtful. The Parachute Paradox is part romance, part thriller, part political analysis. It is thoroughly redemptive and frustrating at the same time. It embraces the reality of a journey of identity and a path to internal peace. Any interested party in the Arab-Israeli conflict must read this firsthand account. In it, Steve tracks all the harmful pitfalls of stereotypes and gives the reader a taste of the kind of spiritual vision necessary to take us beyond the boxes that entrap us.

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, New York

A thought-provoking, compelling and beautifully crafted memoir. From the brilliant metaphor in the title to the last page, this book is an inspirational work of art.

Joanna Barakat, Palestinian artist

Sabella writes not only as a novelist but also as a choreographer, dancing with words and images. He infuses this captivating book with exceptional cinematographic energy, artistry, and uniqueness in conveying the scene. In short, these are cinematographic pages par excellence.

Nicoles Youness, Professor of History of Art

A must-read for the Palestinian perspective. Thankfully, this memoir is a journey that ends with an epiphany.

Rod Such, The Palestine Chronicle

"The Parachute Paradox, a new memoirs from Palestine from Palestinian author Steve Sabella, provides a unique insight into the individual pursuit of global citizenship through the author's life story."

The Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU)

The Parachute Paradox is as much a love story as it is a political testimony.

Product Details
ISBN: 9783949392047
ISBN-10: 3949392041
Publisher: Emaginity
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 322
Language: English