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The Mapuche are known as “people of the Earth” that roamed for almost 2,000 years before being dispossessed in 1910 by the Argentinean constitution and transformed into outlaws overnight. Jana, a 28-year-old Mapuche, has moved to the city where she learns to adapt to an environment of discrimination and violence. She is a talented sculptor but is forced to resort to prostitution in order to survive. Her best friend, Miguel, is a transvestite who goes by the name Paula. The two work at the same dock and share sorrows and difficulties. When the body of a murdered transvestite is found, Jana turns to private investigator Reuben Calderon for help. Reuben works tirelessly for Mothers of the Plazo de Mayo, searching for tormentors. Together, he and Jana dive into the Argentinean political system to hunt for this vicious murderer.  

About the Author

Caryl Férey is a traveler, having spent most of his time in Europe. He is the author of Zulu and Utu and has won numerous literary awards in France.

Product Details
ISBN: 9786077354161
ISBN-10: 6077354163
Publisher: Editorial Oceano de Mexico
Publication Date: August 1st, 2015
Pages: 342
Language: Spanish