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A Rebel in Gaza: A Daughter of Rafah Speaks (Paperback)

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A Rebel in Gaza: A Daughter of Rafah Speaks By Asmaa Alghoul, Sélim Nassib, Mike Mitchell (Translator) Cover Image
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"Gaza has always been rebellious... stubborn, addictive. I'm her daughter, and I look like her."

Born in Rafah, raised in Gaza, subjected both to Israeli bombs and to Islamist tyranny, and in the face of prison, death threats, abuse, misogyny, violence, and repression, Asmaa al-Ghoul has continued to speak her truth. She has continued to live and to love, to laugh and to protest. In this moving memoir of growing up Gaza with a hunger for freedom and a passionate attachment to the places she calls home, journalist, writer, and activist, al-Ghoul recounts her lifelong resistance to religious fanaticism, state sponsored violence, and all forms of repression and subjugation. Al-Ghoul has been called "too strong minded," criticized for not covering her hair, derided for ignoring warnings and speaking out against injustice. Her pure, clarion voice is raised wholly in support of dialogue, peace, love, and honesty.

Nothing, it seems, can stop her.

Offering an intimate look into life, politics, and survival in Gaza in recent years, al-Ghoul's A Rebel in Gaza offers readers a nuanced and singular perspective on the current conflict.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798889660798
Publisher: Europa Editions
Publication Date: August 20th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English