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Disability Pride Month 2024

Celebrate Disabled
Voices & Stories

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to honor and celebrate the achievements, history, and experiences of the disabled community. Originating from the first Disability Pride Day in Boston in 1990, the same year the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law, this month-long celebration promotes visibility and understanding of disabilities. It encourages people to embrace and respect diversity, highlighting the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of society.

To commemorate Disability Pride Month, we have curated a list of essential books that offer unique perspectives on disability. These works, ranging from memoirs and novels to informative non-fiction, provide valuable insights into the lives of disabled individuals, their challenges, triumphs, and the richness of their experiences. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding or seeking inspiring stories, this book list is the perfect resource for celebrating Disability Pride Month.

Nonfiction & Memoirs

Disability Visibility (paperback) cover image
Being Heumann (Paperback) cover image
Disfigured (Paperback) cover image
Being Seen (Paperback) cover image
A Brief History of Time (Paperback) cover image
Demystifying Disability (Hardcover) cover image


All the Light We Cannot See (Paperback) cover image
Fourth Wing (Hardcover) cover image
True Biz (Paperback) cover image
Fractured Fables (Paperback) cover image
The Sign For Home (Paperback) cover image
Out on a Limb (Paperback) cover image

Young Adult

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Hardcover) cover image
Wonder (Hardcover) cover image
Unbroken (Hardcover) cover image
The Extraordinaries (Paperback) cover image
Iron Widow (Paperback) cover image
Out of My Mind (Paperback) cover image


El Deafo (Paperback) cover image
I Am A Masterpiece (Hardcover) cover image
Henry, Link Always (Hardcover) cover image
A Day With No Words (Hardcover) cover image
Everybody Has a Body (Hardcover) cover image
Show Me a Sign (Paperback) cover image


Please Do Not Touch This Exhibit (Paperback) cover image
Cyborg Detective (Paperback) cover image
Deaf Republic (Paperback) cover image
Tonguebreaker (Paperback) cover image
Wound From the Mouth of a Wound (Paperback) image
The Perseverance (Paperback) cover image