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This “sort of detective story” by the New York Times bestselling novelist offers “farcical, reflective, luscious, gritty [and] stylish entertainment” (The New York Times).

As a Boy Scout, Johnny Lundgren was given the nickname Warlock. Now, at forty-two years of age, Johnny has decided to take up that moniker again. It might be an odd name for an unemployed business executive living in Traverse City, Michigan. But perhaps it fits his new job working for an eccentric doctor as a personal trouble-shooter and private investigator.

Warlock suddenly finds himself on a range of bizarre assignments—everything from battling poachers in the haunted wilderness of northern Michigan to investigating his employer’s wife and son in the seamy underside of Key West. A comedy with one foot in the abyss, Warlock is “a rich and sparkling novel” by one of America’s most critically acclaimed authors.

“Contemporary macho in a funhouse mirror . . . a hybrid born out of Faulkner’s dark hero of Satoris and all the Buster Keaton comedy that we love.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner