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Instrumental Analytical Chemistry (Kobo eBook)

Instrumental Analytical Chemistry By James W. Robinson, Eileen M. Skelly Frame, George M. Frame II Cover Image
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Analytical chemistry today is almost entirely instrumental analytical chemistry and it is performed by many scientists and engineers who are not chemists. Analytical instrumentation is crucial to research in molecular biology, medicine, geology, food science, materials science, and many other fields. With the growing sophistication of laboratory equipment, there is a danger that analytical instruments can be regarded as "black boxes" by those using them. The well-known phrase "garbage in, garbage out" holds true for analytical instrumentation as well as computers. This book serves to provide users of analytical instrumentation with an understanding of their instruments.

This book is written to teach undergraduate students and those working in chemical fields outside analytical chemistry how contemporary analytical instrumentation works, as well as its uses and limitations. Mathematics is kept to a minimum. No background in calculus, physics, or physical chemistry is required. The major fields of modern instrumentation are covered, including applications of each type of instrumental technique.

Each chapter includes:

  • A discussion of the fundamental principles underlying each technique
  • Detailed descriptions of the instrumentation
  • An extensive and up-to-date bibliography
  • End of chapter problems
  • Suggested experiments appropriate to the technique where relevant

This text uniquely combines instrumental analysis with organic spectral interpretation (IR, NMR, and MS). It provides detailed coverage of sampling, sample handling, sample storage, and sample preparation. In addition, the authors have included many instrument manufacturers’ websites, which contain extensive resources.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781315301136
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: June 29th, 2021