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Cymbeline (Kobo eBook)

Cymbeline By William Shakespeare Cover Image
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Performed as early as 1611 and published in the “First Folio” in 1623, Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” weaves an elaborate tale of palatial envy and power in Ancient Britain. Cymbeline, King of Britain, commands that his lovely young daughter Imogen marry Cloten, the violent and callous son of the current Queen by her former husband. With her heart already promised to the poor yet heroic Posthumus, Imogen refuses. Disgusted at the prospect of his daughter marrying beneath her class and thus unable to produce a worthy heir to the British throne, Cymbeline banishes Posthumus from Britain. The Queen becomes involved as well and plots the death of young Imogen and her father, the King, so that her son can rule. Against the backdrop of plots, treachery, a fairy-tale turn of events, and the appearance of a Roman god, Imogen and Posthumus travel long distances and overcome great odds in an attempt to be reunited. In the process, Imogen’s long-lost brothers are found, a Roman army is defeated, and the treacherous Queen is exposed. Exciting, tragic, romantic and adventurous, Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” remains a thrilling and timeless depiction of young love. This edition is annotated by Henry N. Hudson, includes an introduction by Charles Harold Herford, and a biographical afterword.