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Jacob's Room (Kobo eBook)

Jacob's Room By Virginia Woolf Cover Image
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First published in 1922, “Jacob’s Room” is Virginia Woolf’s third novel and a surprising and innovative departure from her other work. It is the life story of the character Jacob Flanders, from his childhood in pre-war England, through his time at Cambridge, and following him into his adulthood and travels abroad. The novel is told entirely from other character’s viewpoints, most often from the women in Jacob’s life, and focuses on their memories and feelings. Considered to be a highly experimental novel, “Jacob’s Room” is a study in character development, as well as perception and emotion. Jacob primarily exists as a character or object in the lives of others and the reader experiences him through the eyes of the women rather than as an individual in his own right. Woolf, through the use of symbology, stream of consciousness, monologue, and brief dialogues, brilliantly focuses her novel on the psychology of her characters instead of any specific plot or action of the story. “Jacob’s Room” is a critically acclaimed impressionistic work that focuses on the very meaning of existence and identity. This edition includes a biographical afterword.