Jack & Coke (Kobo eBook)

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In this twisting thriller, an idealistic writer descends into a dangerous world of high-tech conspiracies and high-risk political games.

Jack Ranger is a talented and passionate young journalist ready to set the world on fire. As a freshly-minted college graduate he burns for greatness in the name of righteousness. When his old mentor from college engages his help in exposing the corrupt governor of Massachusetts, Jack jumps at the chance to reveal the man’s most damaging secrets. But as Jack is pulled deep into the political underworld, he realizes that corruption has crept into higher levels of government than he anticipated. And that the system he seeks to destroy may be a trap.

From the streets of Boston to the high-stakes world of New York City, Jack’s fight for the truth threatens more than just his dreams. In an escalating struggle between ambition and power, Jack must risk his belief that he can trust those he loves. It could be a gamble for his life.