Job Title: Manager
On your nightstand now: Actually an end table. Yes Please by Amy Poehler.
Favorite book when you were a child: I liked the Encyclopedia Brown series when I was little.
Your top five authors: Mark Twain, John Irving, Anne Tyler, Richard Russo, James Lee Burke, Stephen King, John Steinbeck (I know that’s seven.)
Book you are an evangelist for: The Ice Storm by Rick Moody
Book that changed your life: Corny, but I think Lord of the Flies and Catcher in the Rye really turned me into a reader.
Book you'd take with you to a desert island: Infinite Jest. It’s long and I haven’t had a chance to read it.
Best way to spend a weekend: Hanging out with my family and friends, reading, playing basketball and watching a good movie or tv show.
Your go-to pick for movie night: Anchorman
Window or Aisle: Aisle
What is the first giveaway that a book is going to be good: I think the great authors lock you in from the first paragraph by either immediately making you care about the characters or get you curious about what will happen next.
Best TV or Movie adaptation of a book: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape - great book, great movie.
Website you have spent the most time reading: Onion Av Club and Grantland (tie).

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G.B. Trudeau has been mocking Donald Trump for over 30 years and this collection of Doonesbury comics will make any non-Trump supporter laugh. Spoiler alert: Trump hasn't changed one bit from the '80s.
23 years later, Richard Russo returns to North Bath to tell more of the story of the charismatic Sully, who is now facing a major health crisis along with his usual family problems. Also along for the ride is Raymer, the beleaguered and hapless police chief, still reeling from his wife's sudden death‎. Everybody's Fool is full of memorable characters, and is entertaining, funny, scary and surprisingly emotional at times. One of the best books of the year.

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