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My Trajectory by Alessandro Benetton (Hardcover)

My Trajectory (Hardcover) by Alessandro Benetton Cover Image

An inspiring story about finding your own trajectory in business and life, wherever the starting point. Now available for the first time in English, exclusively at Hudson Booksellers.

Find My Trajectory at select Hudson stores in Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Washington DC (DCA and IAD), Newark (EWR), New York (JFK and LGA), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Chicago (ORD), and Seattle (SEA) airports as well as Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Signed copies are available while supplies last at select Newark and Grand Central Terminal stores.



Alessandro Benetton, heir to the dynasty defined by the press as the Italian Kennedys, revisits the many twists and turns of his life, exploring the countless insights and lessons along the way which, in retrospect, have marked out a single course as clear as a trail in the snow or a wave on the ocean. In other words, his trajectory. In doing so, he discovers that each shift in direction, each bump in the road has served a certain purpose, either arming him with the tools and knowledge he needed, or helping him to adapt to change. The path that led him to become today the leader of a large international group, Edizione, with an Italian heart. As such, My Trajectory is so much more than an autobiography: its thoughtful, earnest pages offer the reader the direction, drive and inspiration to seek out and follow their own trajectory, wherever it may start and wherever it may lead.

I come from a family in which following the rules is imperative. To understand who I was, I had to break them. I earned my place in the world by dissenting. That was something I started doing when I barely even had peach fuzz on my face. It was perhaps at that moment that I changed from a boy into a young man and started to perceive myself, first and foremost, as Alessandro. Not as a Benetton, as I have been told time and time again since before I could even speak, but as a man. A man who has – like everyone else – made mistakes and fallen down, but discovered firsthand that failures and falls can be opportunities for improvement. I know full well that I started off with certain advantages. But I also know that my life, like everyone’s, has not always been a walk in the park. Life has been my teacher. I have, like everyone else, learnt my lessons along the way thanks to experiences, intuitions, visions. These make up the story I wanted to tell, in the hope that maybe – just maybe – they might offer some direction to others, inspiring them to seek out their own trajectory.’

About the Author

Alessandro Benetton (Treviso, 1964) is the founder and head of 21 Invest, an investment company which operates in several countries across Europe. Since 2022, he has been chairman of Edizione, one of the largest industrial holding companies in Europe. He graduated cum laude from Boston University, holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and was appointed a Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour. After a stint as an analyst at the London offices of Goldman Sachs, he chaired the Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team, which won two World Drivers’ Championships and one World Constructors’ Championship under his leadership. A keen sportsman (qualified as a ski instructor, federal alpine ski coach and national kitesurfing instructor), as chairman of the Cortina 2021 Foundation, he oversaw the organisation of the Alpine World Ski Championships. In 2023 he was recognized with the Global Advocate of the Year Award by UNCA, the United Nations Correspondents Association in New York.

Praise for...

“Alessandro’s exploration of innovative strategies and social responsibility offers invaluable lessons for shaping the future of business. A must-read for anyone seeking to make a meaningful impact in today’s dynamic global landscape.”
—ANGELA QUINTERO, Managing Director W. Deming Center Columbia Business School

Product Details

ISBN: 978888555307
ISBN-10: 888555307
Publisher: Exibart Edition
Publication Date: June 4, 2024
Language: English