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Braiding Sweetgrass By Robin Wall Kimmerer

"This book is so beautifully written and well executed. Kimmerer delicately ‘weaves’ a personal memoir with Anishinaabe lore and ties both seamlessly into ecological science. The blend of these stories, memories, and explanations produces a truly compelling narrative." -Gwyneth, Detroit


Killers of the Flower Moon cover image

Killers of the Flower Moon By David Grann

"Shocking would be the word, if countless cases hadn’t proven how terrible people can be to each other. Monstrous might be better. Evil. Horrific. For fans of Erik Larson, Jon Krakauer, or Grann’s previous book, The Lost City of Z, Killers of the Flower Moon exposes a little known saga of American history, and the previously unknown extent of the conspiracy which spiraled out from those events. In an ironic turn, massive oil deposits were found on the remote reservation that the Osage tribe had been forced onto, making them the wealthiest people per capita in the world. Then, one by one, the Osage began to be killed off. Based on original research and primary sources, Killers is a nonfiction thriller that ranks in the absolute best of the genre." -Sara, Atlanta


Firekeeper's Daughter cover image

Firekeeper's Daughter By Angeline Boulley

"I was in love with this book before I even had a copy in my hands. I’ve read it twice and listened to it on audiobook because I wanted to hear the Anishinaabe words in Daunis' voice. This is part fish-out-of-water story, part over-coming-trauma, part murder mystery thriller, and all parts excellent. Firekeeper’s Daughter is the perfect counter-part to The Hate U Give with its details on the Indigenous experience, and examples of code-switching, this will definitely be a staple in the young adult genre for decades." -Gwyneth, Detroit




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