Miracle Creek

By Angie Kim

Miracle Creek is a courtroom drama with impeccable pacing, an original plot, and stellar writing. It’s also a remarkably empathetic book, exploring the ripple effects of causality, and the urgent need to do right by each other, in big and small ways, recognizing that even the best of us will always fail, even unknowingly, once in a while. Still, it is a lovely reminder that even when doing the right thing feels like swimming upstream, we never know what harm may be prevented, what good might come, from our actions. It’s a great read that deserves broad success. –Sara, Atlanta

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Non Fiction

Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968

By Ryan H. Walsh

This title is bookended with stories about Van Morrison and the making of Astral Weeks, but the meat of the book is a counterculture 1968 history of Boston. Nearly every aspect of that turbulent time is covered and it makes for informative and fascinating reading. –Len, Chicago ORD

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Young Adult

The Hazel Wood

By Melissa Albert

The Hazel Wood spins a tale reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm: fairy tales don’t always have a happy ending. Seventeen-year-old Alice’s grandmother created a collection of stories that all take place in the Hinterland. When her mother is kidnapped by someone who claims to be from the Hinterland, the tall tales suddenly take on a new life. With the assistance of Ellery Finch, a superfan of her grandmother’s cult classic, Alice must dive into a dark world if she wants any chance at happily ever after. –Rebecca, Atlanta

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The Nest

By Kenneth Oppel

The publisher synopsis of celebrated author Kenneth Oppel's new book The Nest states that it is an eerie masterpiece, and eerie seems like the best word to describe it. It is not scary necessarily (unless you have a phobia about insects), but it does leave an impression and Jon Klassen's illustrations highlight the loneliness & grief of Steve's family's struggle to cope with the serious illness of their newborn baby. –Anne, Atlanta

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