Vince Flynn is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mitch Rapp series.  His books have become perennial bestsellers in both paperback and hardcover, and he has become known for his research and prescient warnings about the rise of Islamic Radical Fundamentalism and terrorism. Read by current and former presidents, foreign heads of state, and intelligence professionals around the world, Flynn's novels are taken so seriously one high-ranking CIA official told his people, “I want you to read Flynn's books and start thinking about how we can more effectively wage this war on terror.”

It is a sad day at Hudson Booksellers today, with the news that one of our long-time favorite authors, Vince Flynn, has died after his prolonged battle with prostate cancer. Every one of his bestselling books has been an important contributor to Hudson’s success over the years. He entertained so many readers with a storytelling style that set the standard for today’s political thrillers. I have a friend who says the only authors he is willing to read are Vince Flynn and James Rollins. But part of what made it so rewarding to sell Vince Flynn was the author himself. He was always generous with his time, appreciative of booksellers’ efforts, and engaging with his fans. He was only 47 years old. We will miss him greatly.

In chronological order from newest to oldest:

Red War cover image
Enemy of the State cover image
Order to Kill cover image
The Survivor cover image
The Last Man cover image
Pursuit of Honor cover image
Extreme Measures cover image
Protect and Defend cover image
Act of Treason cover image
Consent to Kill cover image
Memorial Day cover image
Executive Power cover image
Separation of Power cover image
The Third Option cover image
Transfer of Power cover image
Kill Shot cover image
American Assassin cover image
Term Limits cover image